Xenium Property Survey

Xenium Property Survey

Lower returns in exchange for lower perceived risk

Short to Medium Term Equity Gain Higher Returns for Higher level of Risk

Higher Risk for potential Higher Returns with risk of loss of capital

Which of the following is closest to your current situation?

Single without any real obligations

Couple without children. Maybe considering your first home or have a first home.

Young family with young children, mortgage and childcare costs, not a lot of spare cash.

Mature family, both earning well, mortgage is paid for easily.

Preparing for retirement. Children not at home or not reliant on you.

Retired. Income from pension or your own self funded investments.

Question 2

Which of the following best describes your employment security?

Not Secure (casual, new job, transient industry)

Full time or part time job but at risk.

Full or part time job with over 1 year tenure in stable industry.

Long Term, professional or government role

Question 3

What is your total household income from all Sources?

Question 4

What is an estimate of your total Net Worth? (Total Assets less Total Liabilities?)

Question 5

What is the total annual income from any Rental Properties Right Now ?

Question 6

What is the total of all your loans against any property right now?

Question 7

How much spare cash to have to contribute monthly toward an investment?

Question 8

How Familiar are you with Investing in Property

Not familiar, I've never investigated or invested and feel uncomfortable making decisions

Researched but never invested .


Ive invested in property before and undersand some of the factors for performance

I've invested previoiusly and understnd all the factors for performance

Question 9

Choose just one fo the following that best describes what you are trying to achieve with your investment strategy

Question 10

What is your investment time frame (how long before you want access to your money again)

Question 11

When thinking about investments, are you concerned about short term gains and losses?

Question 12

When given various choices for property investment, choose the one that best describes your likely choice

Question 13

Which of the following best describes your thoughts on investing in a property portfolio

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